Fabrics for making lamp shades. The fabric is applied to each shade by hand, taking care of every detail. After the shade is coated with the desired color of the fabric, the inside is white pvc and the outside is the selected color. All of the colors shown in this fabric collection are colored only on the outside of the lamp shade while there is white pvc on the inside. The material is resistant to high temperatures and has a certificate of fire resistance.

Avaliable colors:

  • LC01 White color
  • LC02 Beige color
  • LC03 Ice Coffee 
  • LC04 Light gray
  • LC05 Dark gray
  • LC06 Dark brown
  • LC07 Pink
  • LC08 Green
  • LC09 Yellow
  • LC10 Burgundy
  • LC11 Dark blue
  • LC12 Black
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