Specijalni materijali/ Special materials

The collection of special materials consists of various fabrics and PVC material. These types of materials are not currently in our standard catalog offer, but lamps are made to order from these materials. The collection of these materials consists of:

Camelot: PVC in combination with fabric made of thicker threads, rougher textures than standard material with more prominent threads of fabric.

  • LS01
  • LS02
  • LS03

Foil: PVC in color, varies in thickness and texture. 

  • LS04; Two-sided white color, polypropylen opal, 0.80mm
  • LS05; Two-sided black color, PVC, 0.35mm
  • LS06; Two-sided gold color, PVC, 0.30mm
  • LS10; Gold PVC in combination with black fabric

Visby-glass clear PVC: A combination of transparent PVC foil and thicker plush fabric

  • LS07
  • LS08
  • LS09
  • LS12

Pergal: PVC old paper imitation 

  • LS11
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Lika light - Specijalni materijali/ Special materials

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